Few Links

General Sources:

Lecture notes on Information Visualization by Professor Andreas Butz.

Visualization and Visual Communication by Robert Kosara.

UPD:  perceptualedge.com by Stephen Few.

Particular Issues:

Color maps for Science by Kenneth Moreland. Examples, advices and more links.

Making Tufle-Style plots in R. Practical advices.

Junk Charts. Bad visualization and how to improve it.

Hive Plots: new approach to visualize networks. Don’t know if it is effective, but it is definitely interesting.

Blogs devoted to data and visualization. A big list. Some may be interesting: Statistical Graphics and More,  chart porn, juice analytics blog

Picture illustrating the information-driven approach:


References in Russian:

Советы по дизайну от Бюро Артёма Горбунова. Советы относятся к дизайну вообще, но некоторые темы будут полезны и для научной визуализации, например: Убрать Все Лишнее, Расписание, Тафти.

Few Links

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